The Dakini Kush ~ Classic Hindu Kush genetics

Classic Hindu Kush genetics.
Cross Info:  Pre98BK x Hindu Kush
Big complex flavor and fragrance with a powerful Indica effect.
Quantity:  12 seeds
Flowering Time:  9 weeks
This seed takes its lineage from the Hindu Kush valley of Afghanistan, a region famous for its hasish.
The Dakini Kush is easy to grow and finishes fast making it an excellent choice for indoor gardeners. The fragrance is of sweet caramel notes, berry and hops.
The effects are very relaxing, anxiety-reducing and generally pleasant. It is best used at bedtime or as an adjunct to clearing the mind of stress.
It is recommended that the Dakini Kush is appropriate for : pain, sleep, anxiety, mood elevation, appetite stimulation

If you’ve read my post on growing Cannabis Seedlings in Tree Seedling Pots then you will recognize the transplants in this post as the Dakini Kush plugged seedlings. Here they are at ten days post-transplant.


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