Fafard Urban Mix A 2.8 Cu. Ft. (79.3L)

Professional horticulturalists understand the importance of quality rooting media in their greenhouse operations. That’s why for over a century they’ve turned to Fafard mixes.

Fafard Urban Mix “A” is composed of Peat/Perlite and contains a natural wetting agent, mycorrhizal fungi, dolomite lime and a light nutrient charge.

Fafard Urban Mix “A” is a professional grade potting mix perfectly suited for long-season, woody, container grown plants.

2.8 Cu. Ft. (79.3L) bag $26.00 at CS Distributors in Lafayette.

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  1. […] calcium component. Calcium is provided as lime in the Peat-Lite media I use, which in this case is Fafard Urban Mix A. I highly recommend this mix for use with this […]

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