High Density Propagation Bench Project

I have a consulting client that owns and operates a busy MMC in Denver. He came to me looking for ideas to increase his yield. One area where I saw room for significant improvement was his propagation bench.

His planting density is just over 2 cuttings per square foot. This was due in large part to his choice of rooting containers. He is currently sticking cuttings into #1 square rose pots. In my opinion this is a terribly inefficient use of his space and electricity.

I suggested replacing his current setup with an array of high density rooting pots in a standard 4X4 hydroculture tray. The setup looks like this:

This configuration holds 400 starter pots in 16 square feet. These are the same 2″x7″ tree seedling pots I have been using.

The pots can be efficiently fertilized using a flood and drain system or top fed by hand. Each pot can be individually addressed and easily removed as needed.

Lighting this arrangement is accomplished using 648W of T5 florescent lighting. This would be equal to 12 4ft T5 bulbs.

Moisture is maintained by a single misting head on a timer hung 3′ – 4′ above the propagation surface.

Over the years, I have used or considered many different propagation systems. I believe this combination of container size and planting density in a standard tray sets a very high standard for efficiency in the propagation phase of cannabis production.

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