Las Alpujarras @ 30 days ~ Shock-Free Transplanting

It’s been thirty days since planting and now it’s time to transplant these seedlings.

The relative shape of the plants can be clearly seen at this stage. The Alpujarras has maintained a short and squat profile, while the Haze has grown long and lanky. The plugs are healthy with lush, green foliage and thick white roots.

These are being transplanted into #10 nursery containers (10 gallon) filled with Fafard Urban Mix ‘A’. The Fafard mixes come in 79.3L bags, which is just shy of 21 gallons. This means I can generously fill two #10 containers with one bag of mix. They’ll be watered in using the Peters 20-10-20 @ 100 PPM nitrogen.

Transplanting these young plants from these 2″x7″ tree seedling pots is a clean and simple process.

Using the seedling pot as an arbor, find the center and press straight down into the mix. Drop the root ball into the hole and water into place. The foliage doesn’t touch the media and everything stays neat and tidy.

My biggest concern at this stage is growing the Alpujarras large enough to get a reasonable seed yield from the few plants I have. At the same time I have to keep the Haze plants in check or they will easily outgrow my space.

These will not need to be transplanted again. I’ll continue on the same fertilizer formulation under 16 hours of light until they are of sufficient size to flower. I would guess that to be between 20 and 40 days from now.

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