Las Alpujarras @ 42 days ~ Rapid Vegetative Growth

It’s been twelve days since I transplanted these up to #10 nursery containers.

From the beginning these plants have received plenty of water, the correct type and amount of fertilizer and 16 hours daily of cool-spectrum T5 fluorescent light. My room temperatures stay in the mid 70’s and the plants are constantly swept with an oscillating fan.

All of these variables are maintained to provide an environment that is as low in stress as possible. Here are a couple of plants at 42 days, just 12 days after transplant. As you can see, they have grown a great deal in a short amount of time.

I think the right environment makes an enormous difference in the way the plants grow. Have a look and you decide:

These are beginning to bulk up. I’m guessing another week or so until it’s time to induce flowering. At that time I’ll switch to the Peters 10-30-20 and cut the day length to 12 hours. Until then.

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