Czech Ruderalis ~ Seedlings at 31 Days

Czech Ruderalis ~ Seedlings at 31 Days

These Ruderalis are really beautiful plants. Beautiful enough, I think, to be grown as ornamentals here in Colorado.

You can see by the super-wide leaflets and efficient canopy that they are well adapted to the low light and long days found at high-latitudes.

You’ll see that they are past the seedling stage and at this point they are busy making roots and foliage. The plants have really reacted well to the current fertilizer formulation.

These are being grown from start to finish under 16 hrs 23 mins of light each day, the length of the longest day in the Moravia region. My reasoning is if these will flower at 16 hours they should flower outdoors in Colorado. Our longest day is a mere 14 hrs 59 mins.

As a general rule seeds that originate from higher latitudes than our own will flower well in the Colorado environment.

The obverse is true as well, seeds originating from lower latitudes may still be in mid-flower when the Colorado growing season comes to an end.

This is especially true for the equatorial Sativa types and what makes the Nepalese mountain Sativa types so attractive to Colorado’s outdoor growers.

Regarding the Berger BM-1 peat-lite media I am trialing, it is very light coming out of the bag. This is due mainly, I believe, to the very low moisture content in the product as it is shipped. This is fine with me, as a lighter bag is easier to lift and carry.

I assume it is also less expensive to ship which allows Berger to sell a 3.0 cubic foot (22.5 gallon) bag for a good deal less than their competition sells 2.8 cubic foot (21 gallon) bags of interchangeable product.

What I have observed so far is that the initial wetting of the mix is a little messy which I’m guessing is a surface tension issue due to the low moisture content.

Although it lists a wetting agent on the label, it doesn’t seem quite as willing to accept the first watering as the Fafard mixes which have more moisture in the bag. Is this a deal breaker for me? Positively no.

The lower price point and larger volume more than offset the few extra seconds it takes to gently saturate this material. The plants seem to love it and once wetted it holds moisture very well. Managing pH in the BM-1 has been uncomplicated.

I do not recommend materials until I’ve successfully trialed the product myself. Based on what I’ve seen I would say that the BM-1 is completely interchangeable with the very best commercial peat-lite media products and it is very well suited to this crop.


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