3 Head Dosatron Configuration

Here’s a 3-head Dosatron fertilizer injector setup I’m installing in a commercial production facility in Boulder.

With regards to handling liquid fertilizers and drenches these will cut the mixing and delivery labor in that facility down to a tiny fraction, freeing up their personnel to better care for their crops.

Coupled with driplines in a drain-to-waste system or straight to a hose and wand, you won’t believe how simple and trouble-free fertilizing can be.

I have pioneered the use of fertilizer injectors in the cannabis industry and I can tell you without hesitation that if you’re not running these in your facility, you will be. The efficiency gain is just too big to ignore.

Come see me. -Ben

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3 Responses to 3 Head Dosatron Configuration

  1. Problem.Solved says:

    Awesome post!

    Currently im running a modified GH mix. Canna Coco

    Per 50gal:
    1. Remove three gallons (to assure a complete mix)
    2. Protekt 150ml
    3. Ph to 6.0
    4. Micro 250
    5. Grow 250
    6. Bloom 350
    7. Epsom Salts 25grams
    8. Calmg + 250
    9 add back 3 gallons
    10. ph 5.5-5.6
    11. 50ml Drip CLean H&G
    Drain to Waste/Drip lines

    Now my mix is relatively cheap compared to other off the shelf OTC hydroponics lines. How ever there are many parts and my steps are rather complicated–this is obviously a negative. Peters is 40x cheaper than GH!!

    Prior to adding this mix I balance Carbonates and acids to buffer my solution.

    My goal is to compose a 1-3 part sourced from custom hydroponics, peters, the local pharmacy exe… and run these concentrates threw dosatrons, I am thinking the 14GPM model. What are your thoughts.

    I am very interested in your peters/peak formula and how your dosers are arranged. Do you use Solenoid valves? How do you accomodate for different plants with different needs. Thank you for your time and dedication, cutting edge!!


  2. admin says:

    I mix two concentrates, one of the Peters base mix and the other with PEAK. The concentrates are calibrated to the dosing pumps so that @ a 1.0% setting they deliver 100 PPM of N from tank ‘A’ and @ 1.0% setting they deliver 100 PPM P from tank ‘B’.

    By using the full range of the equipment (0.2% – 2.0%) you can deliver from 20 PPM to 200 PPM of either N or P. Controlling your feed schedule is as easy as turning the barrel nuts on the Dosatrons.

    Thank you for the thoughtful reply. -Ben

  3. Problem.Solved says:

    What size mesh is that filter before the dosers?

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