Centennial Warehouse Blues Jam ~ July 20th, 2013

Centennial Seeds Warehouse Blues Jam ~ July 20th, 2013

I’m posting this to rattle the cages of my friends that play music.

I’ve shut down my garden for the Summer’s hottest months and for the first time in a very long while the warehouse is wide open and clean.

If you or someone you know plays some blues guitar, bass, drums, keys, harmonica or anything else that you can groove on please join me Saturday July 20th, 2013 in Lafayette for what I hope will be a good time.

All day.

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2 Responses to Centennial Warehouse Blues Jam ~ July 20th, 2013

  1. patti says:

    A serendipitous event took place on Carlos Santana’s birthday at the warehouse yesterday.
    Electricity powering amps for guitars, mixers, a turntable, alongside a pristine collection of LP’s,
    Cds, BB, EP’s, GF’s, Pic. Disc’s.. If there is a better way to network in this industry I am gratefully oblivious to it!
    Thank you, Ben, for safeguarding Centennial Seeds, for your impeccable integrity and for sharing your creative musical talent and letting us all plug in!

  2. admin says:

    I had a great time too. Thank you Patti for making it a fun jam 🙂 -Ben

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