Peters 15-5-15 CAL-MAG Special Water Soluble Fertilizer

It is a magic moment as a cultivator when you realize that mainstream horticulture has  solved all of your problems. I’ve worked with water soluble fertilizers for over 5 years now and you could say that I’m a firm believer in this truth.

For cultivators utilizing municipal water supplies along the Front Range, the reality is that there is no Calcium or Magnesium to speak of in their water. Peters produces specialty fertilizers to solve this very specific problem.

Peters_15-5-15Choosing the correct type of fertilizer should be based on a recent irrigation water test. A water test should include calcium carbonates or total carbonates expressed in ‘parts per million’ or ‘PPM’.

Peters classifies irrigation water as ‘Types 1-4’. The Peters Scale looks like this:

  • Type 1 0-60 PPM Calcium Carbonate
  • Type 2 60-150 PPM Calcium Carbonate
  • Type 3 150-200 PPM Calcium Carbonate
  • Type 4 200-240+ PPM Calcium Carbonate

The water in my lab runs somewhere between 43 and 58 PPM calcium carbonate and therefore has virtually no buffering capacity.

In my case I use the Jack’s 13-2-13 as it is matched to my irrigation water.

If your water source tests between 60 and 150 PPM calcium carbonate it would be classified as Type 2. For this water type the Peters 15-5-15 is the right choice.

To provide further balance in low PPM waters the 15-5-15 contains 5% calcium and 2% magnesium by weight.

The Peters 15-5-15 is EPA registered.

Peters 15-5-15 Water Soluble Fertilizer 25lbs. bag. IN STOCK

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