Long Overdue Update

They say, “the busiest man gets the most done”. Right now I feel like that man.


There was a time when I would update this site more frequently. Over the course of this year my duties and responsibilities have increased to the point where it is no longer possible. I have a slight lull in the action today so i thought it best that I post an update.

Hemp and Hemp Seed

I am trialing several unknown varieties of industrial hemp seed this season. These industrial hemp trials are registered with theĀ  the Colorado Department of Agriculture as research and development fields.

One of the terms of the R&D registration is that the resulting crops cannot be sold. This includes seed. Having said that, I will not have industrial hemp seed for sale from these trials.

The Otto #1 High-CBD Variety

As some of you know I have spent the last year producing a new generation of my Otto #1 seed. Otto #1 is my high-CBD/low-THC variety. It has been produced since 2012 and is being used in production by a growing number of formulators and marijuana producers.

This next-generation seed is dubbed Otto #2 and is the result of careful technology-assisted selections across large numbers of plants. The Otto #2 seed is currently in trials and, if it meets expectations, there will be a very limited amount of the Otto #2 seed for sale sometime in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

The Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative (CGRI)

The CGRI is moving forward and continues to gain momentum. The first generation of seed to be studied is in its final days before harvest. This seed will be used to create a second, more varied generation that will be become the base layers for the cannabis gonomic map.

The people from the Kane Laboratory and myself are moving this research forward as quickly as we are able. What we lack is funding and so far there has been very little support outside of what we’ve each contributed. This needs to change.

Stay tuned for an announcement for a private CGRI fund-raiser this summer!

Thanks for your support. -Ben

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