Fake Otto II and BaOx Seeds For Sale EVERYWHERE!!!

I’m just going to call it out here. Anyone, any website, any so called “breeder” or seed company other than Centennial Seeds that is offering seed called Otto II or BaOx are selling bunk. I have no licensees for these seeds. They are all fakes. They are liars to say otherwise and thieves of work they did not do.

I get it. I bred some great material and nobody else wanted to put in the work that I did, so they made copies. And copies of copies. And copies of copies of copies. These BS artists are selling you seed that is so terribly degraded from the original work that it has become unrecognizable to me and farmers are buying it. Why? Because those seeds have a great reputation, A reputation I will tell you took hard work and time to build. That’s something these dicks selling stealing my work just aren’t capable of.

Ben Holmes, Founder, Centennial Seeds

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