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A Hydroponic Fertilizer Formulation for Cannabis Using Peters 20-10-20

May 4, 2012

The following is a simple fertilization formula for growing cannabis in hydroculture using Peters Professional¬†20-10-20 ‘Peat-Lite Special’ water soluble fertilizer. This formulation has been trialed successfully in my gardens in Fafard Peat-Lite growing media. This formula can be run throughout the life cycle of the crop, from the seedling stage to finish. However, I have […]

Commercial Fertilizers Reconsidered

May 4, 2012

Growing cannabis indoors is a comparatively expensive proposition. Rent, electricity, heating, cooling, sodium-light bulbs, labor, all of these play a big role in determining the cost to produce a salable crop. Most commercial growers will agree that fertilizers are a big component of their costs as well. While most professional growers still cling to the […]