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  1. c.butters74 says:

    Hello i am currently growing 3 of your happa haze plants from seed out here in the springs and they are turning out beautifully. The smell of them makes my mouth water and they are still in veg cycly. one is a verry fast grower and about a foot tall and the others are about 8 inches. i just wanted to thank you for creating this strain and i was wondering if you could give me any advice on it. i can also send you pictures of the babies if you would like.

  2. admin says:

    Transplant them into the biggest pots you can fit in your garden, keep your soil pH in range and give them lots of love and light. Any problems just ask. -Ben

    PS — I’d love to see photos. You can email them to

  3. admin says:

    Thank you for the kind words and for your love and support 🙂

    It would be a pleasure to meet you. -Ben

  4. msherning says:


    How do I buy stock in your company…..there are opportunities here. Thank You.

  5. REVYGRAM says:

    I live here right in the great State of Colorado…….and have always grown in fear of the law. I did this because this was the only medicine that helped my grandma when she had cancer and still helps my auntie with fibromyalgia. I admit i have a couple cousins that just do it for recreation but that’s their choice. I guess I don’t have have to do it in fear anymore but now that amendment 64 took affect I was trying to find where I can get seeds in Colorado without the friend of a friend of a friend transaction I was used to. I stumbled on your website with google search for seeds in colorado. Please, let me know whats your process to help others. If need be Im more than willing to send pics and descriptions of my grow.

    Thanks a bunch 21+ Colorado responsible adult

  6. arwilder69 says:

    hello. I am looking to purchase some quality seeds and see that you appear to have great quality. now I am needing to know the proper process to acquire these. any info you have will be appreciated.

  7. Stud Duck says:

    I am very interesting in seed purchases. Your reseach is impressive, very impressive.
    I had to locate your site through a google search, yahoo was no help.
    I have some experience and have also run across a few developements/techniques over the last 30 years, as a hobby grower.

    It is so enlightening to see what is going on in Colorado, and people like you peole are going to make it happen!
    Hope to hear back. I am sure you getting lots of inquiries!

  8. DJoseph1970 says:


    Thanks again for taking the time to speak with me today. I’ve since had the chance to check out your journals. Thanks for the great pics and tips! My wife and I are really looking forward to trying some different plants in our garden. Thanks for taking the lead in Colorado!


  9. BOMB says:

    Hi there,
    I recently picked up 4 varieties from Centennial Seeds. Dakini Kush, Waipi’o Hapa, Roughneck, and Chronic x Hash. I am Also growing some other varieties from previous grows including Bubble Gum, Blue Berry, Upstate, Big Bud, and some unknown sativas. I had 100% germination on all varieties with no duds. The growth of all 4 of the centennial seeds varieties has surpassed all others with some competition from upstate. I thought I would give my experience with these 4 varieties through there first month and a half of life. DAKINI KUSH: Short broad leafed plant with high node to internode ratios. All three appear to be indica dominate and has responded well to topping with minimal internode stretching. Cloned well. ROUGHNECK: the shortest of all varieties but has plenty of growth with the highest node/internode ratios. Responded the best to topping at 3 weeks with lower growth reaching the canopy within a week. All 4 roughnecks appear to be indica dominate with the largest of the 4 being the only male. I was able to clone all 4 cuttings but contained the least amount of roots compared to all other strains. WAIPI’O HAPA: The largest of all plants in shear mass. Has the largest leaves with the sun leaves having an approximate 8″ diameter. The plant had the fastest and most roots from cloning that I have experienced with the entire stem below the plug becoming root sites, estimating 40 or so. This plant looks like it could be a beast outdoors, just don’t start too early or it could take over the garden. CHRONIC HASH: This is the tallest of all varieties with exception to the sativa dominate randoms that I have. Leaf size is large with low node/internode ratio with lower branches stemming strait out to the sides. The lower nodes on each branch are slow to develop giving this plant a very open appearance. This plant had the most notable stretching from topping at three weeks. Not recommended if you want a low profile bush. This plant cloned well.

    Overall these strains from Centennial Seeds are vigorous growers that should make for a formidable crop at 8 Weeks Veg.

  10. dawn98943 says:

    Are you hiring?

  11. luckytopdog007 says:

    It was nice to meet you ! I hope you enjoy the Strapped Shades and Cap Saver !!
    I am looking forword in Jamming with you and your Boy’s!
    until then I will call you and let you know how thing’s are growing!!
    Thanks again!

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