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  1. Montanababe says:

    Can seeds be sent to Montana. We also have MMJ laws. I would like to experiment with different strains.

  2. roxjann says:

    Are distributors the only way to obtain your seeds in Colorado?

  3. mg9183 says:

    which denver dispensaries carry centenniel seeds?

  4. cliff says:

    The seed I have recieved from you have been excellent.

  5. blake says:

    How can I order seeds? I am a mm card holder in Michigan.

  6. 4406pack says:

    where in town can i buy your seeds? i am looking to buy certian strains for my medical condition? do you still sell them at the main shop in lafayette?

  7. yourlawnismyturf says:

    Roughneck is a great sativa for indoors, or out. It has a very similar smell to purple rhino, but in my experience, more potent than purple rhino. It finishes within 60-75 days, which is pretty acceptable for a sativa dominant variety. it was also among my highest yields.
    Django is truly powerful. It is hard to smoke because it is so resin laden. I nick named Django “Golddust”, because the trichomes resemble golden sand!
    Hapa-haze was first for yields, and often last to finish, she needs 9-11 weeks, but she will make up for time in yields of earthy turpintine scented buds. Huge buds!
    Purple rhino is a nice plant for indoors because of it’s smaller size, but not too small. I am mainly considering the rhino seeds I already have for crossing, with other stuff, but I have produced it for meds may times, and have found PR to be very relaxing, and my back pain eased.
    I recomend these seeds for any medical cannabis patient who wants to get top quality seeds right here in Colorado, and not by some shady seed bank. Ben is an extremely nice guy that is ready to help if something comes up, unlike shady seed banks.

    Peace all!

  8. 4406pack says:

    thanks for being open for me on sat ben germinating 2 types will be back again this week for few other strains of seed. not to many would have done that A++++

  9. caliguy says:

    how potent is the dakini kush? the tude says medium thc levels. thanks.

  10. Bloodrust says:

    I love the strains, maybe I have to make a cross state journey. =)

  11. caliguy says:

    Any tips for growing the Dakini Kush? I have 11 out of 12 germed. Thanks.

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