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Czech Ruderalis ~ Seedlings at 10 Days

January 22, 2013

Czech Ruderalis seedlings at 10 days. The leaves are very wide and have an almost iridescent quality, as one visitor commented. Blue pigments are beginning to develop along the mid-ribs. The pigmentation is quite visible and contrasts with the otherwise green foliage. I’m watching these carefully to be sure that the pretty colors are not […]

Simple and Reliable Flood and Drain Setup

July 5, 2012

Sometime last week I needed to automate the fertigation of some seedlings. The plants had reached a size where it was necessary to water them more than once a day and I needed a break. A simple flood and drain setup was exactly the solution I needed. Setting up these systems is really simple. The […]

High Density Propagation Bench Project

June 15, 2012

I have a consulting client that owns and operates a busy MMC in Denver. He came to me looking for ideas to increase his yield. One area where I saw room for significant improvement was his propagation bench. His planting density is just over 2 cuttings per square foot. This was due in large part […]