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Colorado Researchers Seek to Map the Cannabis Genome

December 23, 2013

A research team at the University of Colorado at Boulder has begun a landmark project to build an ultra-high density genetic map of the Cannabis genus, placing tens of thousands of genes onto chromosomal positions and will use these resources to identify important genomic regions underlying variation in traits such as the production of secondary […]

Czech Ruderalis ~ Seedlings at 31 Days

February 10, 2013

Czech Ruderalis ~ Seedlings at 31 Days These Ruderalis are really beautiful plants. Beautiful enough, I think, to be grown as ornamentals here in Colorado. You can see by the super-wide leaflets and efficient canopy that they are well adapted to the low light and long days found at high-latitudes. You’ll see that they are […]

Czech Ruderalis ~ Seedlings at 15 Days

January 26, 2013

Czech Ruderalis seedlings at 15 days. I noticed a twisting in the lowest leaves and a general lightness to the foliage. I increased the amount of N, P, K and Ca that I’m feeding the plants. I did this by adding calcium nitrate and mono potassium phosphate to my formulation. What initially looked like heavy […]

Czech Ruderalis ~ Seedlings at 10 Days

January 22, 2013

Czech Ruderalis seedlings at 10 days. The leaves are very wide and have an almost iridescent quality, as one visitor commented. Blue pigments are beginning to develop along the mid-ribs. The pigmentation is quite visible and contrasts with the otherwise green foliage. I’m watching these carefully to be sure that the pretty colors are not […]

Carmagnola Italian Hemp ~ Early Seedling Morphology

October 9, 2012

Carmagnola is a dioecious heirloom strain of hemp from Northern Italy. It is grown for its fiber which is used in numerous high-value textiles. The EU recognizes Carmagnola as a low THC technical cultivar with no drug value. The following photographs are of a small population of Carmagnola seedlings. Some of these seedlings exhibited interesting […]

Las Alpujarras @ 15 days flower ~ ‘simultaneously monoecious’

August 3, 2012

Back on 07/17 I decided it was time to induce flowering in these plants. I shortened the day length to 12 hours and fed with the Peters 10-30-20 @ 100PPM N. The plants have grown considerably since then. Unfortunately all of the Las Alpujarras displayed both male and female flowers at the same time. Plants […]

Las Alpujarras @ 42 days ~ Rapid Vegetative Growth

July 17, 2012

It’s been twelve days since I transplanted these up to #10 nursery containers. From the beginning these plants have received plenty of water, the correct type and amount of fertilizer and 16 hours daily of cool-spectrum T5 fluorescent light. My room temperatures stay in the mid 70’s and the plants are constantly swept with an […]

Alpujarras Update @ 3 Weeks ~ 4th Set of Leaves

June 27, 2012

These have all developed a 4th set of leaves and they are beginning to lift themselves up out of the pots. They’ve been fed three times now the Peters 20-10-20 @ 100 PPM N and as you can see there has been considerable development in the foliage. The early leaf comparison was helpful and gave […]

Alpujarras Update @ 16 Days ~ Second Set of True Leaves

June 21, 2012

These have all put on their second set of true leaves, the shape of which might suggest some things about their character. The leaves on the Haze seedlings, those in the orange tape, are generally long and pinnate. There is a clear space between each leaflet where they are attached at the petiole. As a […]

Alpujarras Update @ 9 Days ~ Seed-to-Seedling

June 14, 2012

It’s always a bit of a thrill to see seeds break through the soil. Witnessing things grow, to me, is a very powerful affirmation of life and of living. This group of plants has had an almost perfect entry into the world. They’re fresh and green and healthy. Here are some pics I took early […]