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Method Seven Protective Eyewear ~ Protection and True Color Under HPS Lighting

June 28, 2012

I had read about these glasses from Method Seven some time ago and thought that they sounded like a good idea. If you have spent any time at all in a cultivation facility you know that the light from high-pressure sodium bulbs – HPS – is extremely red and renders colors poorly. What you may […]

Alpujarras Update @ 3 Weeks ~ 4th Set of Leaves

June 27, 2012

These have all developed a 4th set of leaves and they are beginning to lift themselves up out of the pots. They’ve been fed three times now the Peters 20-10-20 @ 100 PPM N and as you can see there has been considerable development in the foliage. The early leaf comparison was helpful and gave […]

Alpujarras Update @ 9 Days ~ Seed-to-Seedling

June 14, 2012

It’s always a bit of a thrill to see seeds break through the soil. Witnessing things grow, to me, is a very powerful affirmation of life and of living. This group of plants has had an almost perfect entry into the world. They’re fresh and green and healthy. Here are some pics I took early […]

A Hydroponic Fertilizer Formulation for Cannabis Using Peters 20-10-20

May 4, 2012

The following is a simple fertilization formula for growing cannabis in hydroculture using Peters Professional¬†20-10-20 ‘Peat-Lite Special’ water soluble fertilizer. This formulation has been trialed successfully in my gardens in Fafard Peat-Lite growing media. This formula can be run throughout the life cycle of the crop, from the seedling stage to finish. However, I have […]

Commercial Fertilizers Reconsidered

May 4, 2012

Growing cannabis indoors is a comparatively expensive proposition. Rent, electricity, heating, cooling, sodium-light bulbs, labor, all of these play a big role in determining the cost to produce a salable crop. Most commercial growers will agree that fertilizers are a big component of their costs as well. While most professional growers still cling to the […]

Otto #1 ~ A high-CBD seed line developed in Colorado

March 26, 2012

Otto #1 ~ A high-CBD seed line developed in Colorado Cross Info: Improved Hybrid Relief without the distracting effects of THC. Quantity: 14 seeds Flowering Time: 70 days I originally developed this seed at the request of a medical researcher on Oahu, Hawaii. The request was for replicable high CBD expression from a gender-stable seed. […]